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Sg Fitness is about transforming your physique in the most effortless way possible. Giving you the opportunity to live your life the way you want with a strong physique to show forth. 

My name is Steven Gomez I created the Sg Fitness programs as a way to show people it's possible to achieve their ideal body without sacrificing yourself to the gym. To have an equilibrium between your personal life & fitness. 

Its very simple & straightforward that many fitness influencers or the get quick result schemes would drag out the process of achieving your ideal physique either by selling you bogus training or nutrition advice. 

Listen I'm not trying to sell you multiple training programs like many others in the fitness industry. The programs I've created are direct to the point giving you the right approach towards training & nutrition.

I've gone through the ups & downs that some people will go through in their fitness journey. The staggered process of having a downwards progression or reaching a plateau & not being able to improve. Till this day I see people at the gym continue these setbacks on their fitness journeys. 

I understand this because I myself had went through this in my fitness journey. At the age of 14 I began to workout not knowing in the slightest bit on how to train, I would just lift, not track my workouts, do random exercises I had seen or known of. I didn't know what I was doing to be honest, I simply loved the feeling of lifting in my home gym & working out. 

I would continue to do this process from my late teens entering my 20's I began to try out a few programs. Although I had seen some progress my feel for the gym wasn't the same. Even so if I began to see progress, the process wasn't fun it had become a chore, I would spend hours at the gym & follow a said diet. 

I wasn't someone who was training to compete at a show or something, I was just a regular everyday individual who wanted to have the physique seen from action movies or anime shows I would watch. I didn't have the time to go the gym 5 or 6 days a week spending two plus hours a day. School, work, other priorities would have taken over more of my time & focus. I was training to feel good & look good to which I feel is the reason most people who go to the gym tend to accomplish. 

Now come to my early 20's my fitness journey had took a turn after a bad relationship although not completely, I was emotionally & mentally overwhelmed. I wasn't eating properly but I was still eager to train & better myself because for me fitness has always been a relief. The stronger I would become or the further my physique began to take form the more I would enjoy to keep improving. 


Either what the reason may be for going to go the gym some people aren't able to accomplish their fitness goal. They will continue to stay in a loop not knowing how to progress, properly train, have the right nutrition knowledge or have the correct information to get to their goal.  

Knowing this I began to experiment with different types of workouts & exercises to find a nice blend of training. Through many attempts of switching out exercises, changing methods to put together a nice workout plan while implementing calisthenics in between training. While not forgetting about nutrition being a key factor, to being fit. 

I took these fundamentals into consideration & I was eventually able to create The Athlete Warrior & Goddess Program.

The programs are a great fit for men & women with a good mix of routines, to get you to your ideal body. I wanted to go against the grain & do things a little differently than the normal standard of spending hours a day at the gym, eating boring foods or sticking to a diet.  

Like previously said above, myself & most of us, we're normal everyday individuals with limited time in the day. I wanted to create a suitable working program to get others to follow a clear cut workout program to get them on the track to their fitness journeys on reaching their goals. 

Avoid the the nonsensical bluffs out there & try out The Athlete Warrior Program or The Athlete Goddess Program. They're straightforward & direct to the point. Informing you with proper understanding on training, nutrition, reaching your goal & more.  


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